KVBA (Key / Value Storage with Basic Auth)

KVBA (Key / Value Storage with Basic Auth)

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A serverless based AWS lambda and api gateway enabled key/value store with Basic HTTP Authorization and weak obfuscated account creation. All keys are partitioned by user scope thus each user maintains their own domain of keys. Cross-Origin resource sharing (CORS) is also available via the serverless to add protection for call origin.


/auth via POST (for account creation and verification)

/set via POST to add a value to the key/value store

/get via GET to retrieve a value from the key/value store


export AWS_DEFAULT_REGION=us-west-2
npm install

Creating your own

  • Add your profile to the serverless.yml file
  • Add your domains to the serverless if you intend to manage the domains and API gateway with serverless
  • Update the serverless.yml file with other options for your domain(s)