I am Chris Schuld and I live in Chandler, Arizona. When I was ten years old I was shown BASIC and QBASIC by my fifth grade teacher and I fell in love with the idea I could control a computer. I spent a lot of my time in front of the computer attempting to mimic software I saw in magazines and wishing I could afford a hard drive in the 80s. Fast forward… earned a Bachelor of Engineering degree in Computer Systems Engineering from Arizona State University. I spent a few years at Intel Corporation before leaving to start my own ventures.

My passion resides in software architecture, rapid development approaches, serverless delivery, software design fundamentals and SaaS business strategy. I actively maintain several profitable production products in React JS, TypeScript, PHP, Node, C#, Python, Perl and Javascript. You can read more about my open source projects as well.

About this site

This site was created and is maintained with Jekyll. I chose Jekyll specifically to decrease the amount of time I spend going from idea to publish. In the past I was not able to keep up with the authoring of posts (the site was essentially dead for years) because it was not fluid to author content. I enjoy Markdown and find it easy to author content in Markdown. Thus, Jekyll provides me a rapid platform to blog with.

For those curious here is how I produce the site:

  • Uses Jekyll 3.8
  • Hosted by GitHub via GitHub Pages
  • Encrypted using Let’s Encrypt
  • Authored using Markdown on Visual Studio Code
  • Uses the Chirpy