I am Chris Schuld and I live in Chandler, Arizona. When I was ten years old I was shown BASIC and QBASIC by my fifth grade teacher and I fell in love with the idea I could control a computer. I spent a lot of my time in front of the computer attempting to mimic software I saw in magazines and wishing I could afford a hard drive in the 80s. Fast forward… earned a Bachelor of Engineering degree in Computer Systems Engineering from Arizona State University. I spent a few years at Intel Corporation before leaving to start my own ventures.

I maintain a wide technical and business skill set. I am actively engaged in my company’s technical infrastructure ranging from our virtual systems to our entire software stack. My passion resides in software architecture, rapid development approaches, software design fundamentals and SaaS business strategy. I actively maintain several profitable production products in React JS, PHP, Node, C#, Python, Perl and Javascript.

About this site

This site was created and is maintained with Jekyll. I chose Jekyll specifically to decrease the amount of time I spend going from idea to publish. In the past I was not able to keep up with the authoring of posts (the site was essentially dead for years) because it was not fluid to author content. I enjoy Markdown and find it easy to author content in Markdown. Thus, Jekyll provides me a rapid platform to blog with.

For those curious here is how I produce the site:

Special Thanks

Special thanks to Mark Otto @mdo for the theme work for Jekyll - it saved me a lot of time standing up the site.