Installing an MQTT Broker with Synology (Mosquitto on Docker)


An MQTT Broker allows software to communicate through messaging. One of the popular broker apps is Eclipse Mosquitto. For Home Automation you will find a lot of the applications interact through an MQTT so if you are going to deep dive into HA eventuall you are going to need an MQTT broker in your network.

Using Synology

Synology builds the ultimate “set and forget” style NAS systems. One of the great things about later generation DSMs is running Docker on the Synology directly. In this example we will use Docker on the Synology to run Mosquitto.

Installing Docker

On the Synology NAS use the package manager to install Docker

Find and Download the Image

In the Docker App on the Synology DSM click on Registry

docker overview

Next, search for mosquitto and look for eclipse-mosquitto

search for mosquitto

Select to Download the image and select the latest tag and hit Select

container overview

After it is downloaded click Launch

download mosquitto

In the Create Container information screen which appears when you click launch you will accept the defaults for the first screen and hit Next

setup mosquitto - step 1

In the second screen UNCHECK the option to Run this container after the wizard is finished (becuase we are going to change the port) and then hit Apply

change the port

Next, click on the Container tab on the left hand side and you’ll see the eclipse-mosquitto1 container now.

container overview

Click, Edit and edit the settings. Change the incoming port from Auto to the default MQTT port of 1883

mqtt updating the port

Next, hit the start switch so the container starts up.

mosquitto is running

Finally, the MQTT broker should be running which you can test using the mqtt client.

mqtt working in shell

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