Wiring 4 - 8Ω speakers to create a single 8Ω input (serial/parallel)

When I was designing my Whole House Audio Solution I had three locations in my house where I wanted four speakers and the idea of having stereo sound was not important because of the location. I wanted single-voice / mono to all four speakers - the question was how do I wire this? The speakers I purchased where all 8” Polk 80i 8Ω speakers. The controller / amp I purchased from monoprice supported both 4Ω and 8Ω impedance speakers. However, in bridge mode it wanted 8Ω impedance. How do I create 8Ω out of four 8Ω speakers?

The controller’s manual is located here:

A few things to note:

  • I wanted single voice
  • The amp supports bridging to create a single 100w into an 8Ω speaker
  • I could not bridge with 4Ω speakers

Here is how I created a single 8Ω input with four different 8Ω speakers.

I wired all four of them in a series / parallel configuration using this schematic:

This provides you 8Ω to the Amp while using four speaker in single-voice/mono.

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