Removing everything BUT Images in a WordPress Post

A while back I wrote an article on Removing Images from a WordPress Post. Sebastian asked an interesting question; he wanted to remove everything but the images. This is actually pretty straightforward; here is how you do it:

           $beforeEachImage = "<div>";
           $afterEachImage = "</div>";
           preg_match_all("/(<img [^>]*>)/",get_the_content(),$matches,PREG_PATTERN_ORDER);
           for( $i=0; isset($matches[1]) && $i < count($matches[1]); $i++ ) {
                 echo $beforeEachImage . $matches[1][$i] . $afterEachImage;

Keep in mind this code needs to be in the WordPress Loop and you can control what is around each image using the variables beforeEachImage and afterEachImage above.

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