Playing MP3 files in Fedora 7

To play MP3 files in Fedora 7 you need to add software to your default installation:

  • First, add Livna sources using rpm
  • rpm -ivh
  • Next, Install Rhythmbox using yum
  • yum install rhythmbox
  • Next, Install gstreamer-plugins-ugly** using yum
  • yum install gstreamer-plugins-ugly

    That is it, next launch Rythmbox and hello music! Rythmbox Launch

    Q: Hey Chris, why does the gstreamer-plugins end in “-ugly” A: Good question, tough answer, the GStreamer is a streaming media library which contains plug-ins which cannot be shipped in gstreamer-plugins-good because the license is not LGPL. Please note the the license of the entire library is not LGPL! So of course you shouldn’t install it unless you pay the owners for licensing rights.

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