MySQL Backup

- 05 Jul 2007

One of the challenges of maintaining a MySQL server loaded with customer data is backing up the customer data on timed intervals without editing the backup script(s) each time you add a customer or database. I wrote this script to process the backups automatically for me.

# Script places all backup files in the current working directory
MYSQL_DUMP_OPTIONS="--add-locks --allow-keywords --extended-insert --lock-all-tables"

DATE_TIME=`date +%Y%m%d.%H%M%S`

for db in `echo "show databases;" | mysql -h $DB_HOST -u $DB_USER --password="$DB_PASS" | grep -v -P "(Database|information_schema|test)"`
        mysqldump $MYSQL_DUMP_OPTIONS -h $DB_HOST -u $DB_USER --password="$DB_PASS" $db | gzip > $db.$DATE_TIME.sql.gz

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